Bulk Account Invite Sender

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a customer get an 'invalid link'?

Do not uninstall the app immediately after sending! This will invalidate links generated by the app. It's best to wait a few days, to give your customers time to click on the activation links, before uninstalling. Invalid links can also happen if you delete the customer and upload a new version with the same email, or if another invite is sent by someone else, after our app sends an invite.

Do you support HTML emails?

Yes! Simply paste your HTML into the body box, and send yourself a test email to make sure it looks right.

Do you support images or logos?

Yes! We support full HTML, so you can include an image or logo as follows:

<img src="url_to_your_image" height="42" width="42">

Can I send from my own domain (example@yourdomain.com)?

Yes you can! Simply enter the email you want to use as the 'from' email as your customer email in Shopify settings. That's the email address we use as the 'from' email for the bulk send.

Why is the email 'from' name different from within Shopify?

At this time Shopify does not have a way for third party apps to configure the sending name - our only control there is the 'from' address as you have it set in your Shopify email settings. We're working with them and trying to make a case that they should build this into their API, but for now the best option is to just choose the email address that you want to show up as the "from"!

What is your pricing?

When you install the app, it will calculate your price based on the email volume you're sending. Generally, sending volume in the low 1000's is $10-20, while sending 100,000+ emails can be in the low to mid hundreds in price.

Do you support targeting by tag or segment?

Yes! First, tag your customers using the 'tags' field in your Shopify customer dashboard. Then open our app and let it fully sync. Then compose your email, click next, and you'll see the usual two options, but with a new option at the bottom right to 'Target by tag instead'. Click this and you'll be guided through the process of sending a targetted batch by tag.

Can I resend invites to the same people after using your app the first time?

Yes you can! Try to avoid spamming your customers, but if you wish, you can click "Reset & Resend", when you're on the final pricing page. (After composing your email and you click 'Next', you'll see the reset button at the bottom of the next screen).

How can I see what the activation link and page will actually look like?

You can send yourself a 'real' test email in our interface. Just make sure the email you send the test email to is associated with an account in your Shopify, and that account must need an invite! i.e. State is not enabled.

How long will it take to send my emails?

For batches of less than 5,000 invites, sending only takes an hour. For batches of 50,000 invites, sending takes around 24 hours.

How quickly will automatic invites go out?

When a new customer is added, and if you have our 'automatic ongoing invites' feature turned on, then they will automatically receive an email invite right away (sometimes with a few seconds delay).

Analytics / find out who actually signed up / activated their account from the email?

You can view who has received the emails, and who has clicked through and actioned on them, all within the Shopify customer list! You can filter by account status = invited, or account status = enabled, to see these things. At this time we don't have the infrastructure to track exactly who opened the emails, but we are working with Shopify to build an integration that would enable that.

Is Bulk Account Invite Sender GDPR compliant?

Yes -- You can read more about the Bulk Account Invite Sender privacy policy here.

Still have questions?

Please email loszak.matt@gmail.com for assistance if your question doesn't have an answer here!